More than a million car accidents occur each year, and many of them result in personal injury incidents that can cause lost wages and mounting medical bills. Even if you decide not to hire local Texas car accident attorneys, you should file all the necessary claims in case legal problems come your way.

At the Scene

At the scene of the accident, you’re going to want to contact the police and your insurance. You will also need to exchange insurance information with the person who was involved in the accident with you. It is imperative that you gather as much information and data from witnesses as possible, especially if the other person is denying that they were at fault. All this information will eventually be used in court and it could mean the difference between winning and losing your case.

Gathering the Right Paperwork and Filing Claims

It is up to you to contact the proper companies to file your claims. This includes filing a report with the police department and having that on file for your court date. It also involves contacting your insurance provider to ensure that your claim has been properly filed. If you fail to contact the right companies and file claims, you risk having your case dismissed or having heavier implications brought against you by the other driver. This can result in thousands of dollars of lost compensation or heavy fines that will need to be paid for years to come. You have roughly one month to file claims with all these agencies before your case becomes null and void.

Working with an Attorney

When it concerns a severe car accident, it’s always a good idea to work with a reputable and fully experienced attorney. The attorney should ideally be experienced in car accident and personal injury law. It is the attorney’s job to represent you in court and gather all the information for the court date that will be set. You can contact several lawyers to find out what is needed, what they can do for you and the fees that are going to be involved. Some lawyers will not charge you money until they help you to win the case, and this is especially vital for those who were involved in car accidents and are seeking compensation.

Using Evidence in Court

In order for your case to have more of a successful turnout in court, you’ll need all the necessary evidence. This includes police reports, insurance claims, photos and even videos of the incident. Nowadays, a lot of people have dash cams on their vehicles that record the minute the car is started. These dash cams have saved many drivers in court because they allow the judge to see what really happened, rather than relying on the person telling the story. If you have a dash cam, make sure that you download the video to a CD or zip drive and bring it with you to court.