Flanked by the Gaspar and Karimat straits, from the eastern shore of Sumatra, Belitung is a gorgeous island blessed with magnificent scenery, perfect beaches, and scenery. The coast of Tanjung Kelayang, at the northern region of the island, is the core of Belitung’s splendor. This tropics wonderland is a place where you can get a peek at what paradise will be like. Once a private getaway, Tanjung Kelayang is now evolving into a great integrated resort following the government’s policy which designated the region as a 324.38 hectare Special Economic Zone.

Here, a pearly white sandy beach, unspoiled sea, and nothing, but tropics wonder await. Furthermore, what makes it truly distinctive is the intriguing boulders formation which beautifully decorates the beach. These huge slabs of granite expand to the sea plus they appear to have been hidden here from the hands of mother nature. Many of those boulders formations resemble animal silhouettes, especially in the form of a swallow or a kelayang, thus the name. Completing the grandeur, thematic hotels and exclusive villas are continually being developed to cater all of your needs. An integrated transport system will permit you to explore every inch of the region with ease.

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Hopping to nearby islands would be effortless. Apart from his amazing natural wonders, you’ll also get the opportunity to explore Belitung’s distinctive culture and the experience of friendliness and the warm hospitality of his local’s men and women. Prepare yourself to be pampered with all types of tropical splendor. A trip to Tanjung Kelayang will surely provide you a holiday experience like you never had before.

Get Around

The most convenient way to explore Tanjung Kelayang is to rent a car. For a different, there are also bike rentals. Should you want to take a taxi cab, be sure to make the accredited ones, since there are taxis which don’t utilize meter. Should you wish to set off on an island hopping adventure around the region, you can charter a fishing boat from nearby sailors.

However, to get a more convenient manner, you can organize your trip with a tour operator or travel agent.