The disease starts with recurrences of fever, sweating at night and inexplicable fatigue. Though the lymph nodes swell, it’s not something you notice immediately as there is no pain. Bones weaken and joint pain is common. You’ll probably find yourself bleeding and bruising easily, more frequently than earlier, before all the symptoms rose from seemingly nowhere, and started draining the life out of you slowly. That’s how Leukemia takes hold of your life. A 3-year-old baby named Aadya had to suffer this ordeal while her father struggled to afford her treatment.

Diagnosed in March 2016, she bravely underwent expensive treatment for months and seemed healthy after. However, when the cancer relapsed months later, doctors said the only thing that could save her was a bone marrow transplant. Her father Suresh had no savings left and knew he couldn’t afford her treatment. He soon learnt about crowdfunding and started a fundraiser with Impact Guru and managed to bring together over 250 supporters to raise Rs 15 lakhs in a month’s time.

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Largely responsible for propelling the funding industry, crowdfunding is a trend that many turn to when they need help with funds to drive their causes and projects. Nearly half of crowdfunding campaigns around the world are towards medical causes. Indian crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru have seen thousands of campaigners of average and below average wealth raising funds successfully for their loved ones’ medical procedures in as little as one day to a few weeks!

How did Suresh raise the money he needed for his little baby girl?

Suresh got in touch with the platform’s campaign manager for guidance and communicated to her the urgency of his campaign. She kept in touch with Suresh, aiding him in enhancing the visibility of his fundraiser on social media. She was adept in assisting his family and friends who had trouble using the platform. Though countries like US and UK have been familiar with the idea of crowdfunding for a few years now, India is still largely new to the concept of crowdfunding. It’s the youth that are educated on how it works, though the country is quickly catching up to the west.

Crowdfunding is a trend that thrives on the buzz it creates and the attraction it poses to people through social media. It works best when family and friends are involved closely with the campaigner and his goals. Suresh, whose offline social circle is large, was lucky enough to spread his story far and wide on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. Aadya’s story was shared 150 times. In the next 30 days, 266 people came together to contribute nearly 16 lakh rupees towards her transplant procedure!

If you’re looking for means to pay for a loved one’s expensive medical treatment, look no further. Crowdfunding is your best bet. Start today.