The rules of French Roulette are very basic. You simply bet on a number or several, on red / black, odd / even, dozens etc. and you will win based on the bet. What are my odds at French roulette ?

  • Odd / Even, Red / Black and High / Low: These rolls have a 48.65 to win (more than one point more than in the American). In this case the payout is 1: 1 (one euro for every euro wagered).
  • Dozen or column: In this case you have 32.43% of winning and the payout is 2: 1 (two euros for every euro wagered).
  • Rows: If you bet on the three numbers in a row, the odds of French roulette drop to 8.11%, but the payouts will be 11: 1.
  • If you bet on direct numbers or 0, you will only have 2.70%, but of course, you will win 35 times what you bet.

Strategies And Tricks For French Roulette

Once you know how French roulette works , the tricks to win are the next step. But what are these tips? You can get more of it on free bets.

  • Follow a pattern: There are multiple roulette systems ( Martingale , for example). The ideal way to win at roulette is that you follow a specific system, since you have the risk of losing (RTP is favorable to the house). With a system that plays with timing, however, you can win at a specific moment.
  • Establish a budget : In addition to preventing you from losing without measure, it will put your plays in perspective. If you lose € 10 but you have € 50 for that day, it is not serious, but if you lose € 2 and you had 8 it is. This budget will also let you know how much to bet on each play.
  • Do not make random plays: Regarding the previous points, with random plays you have to lose. Because with independent plays, the RTP is around 95%, so for every 100 euros played you will lose 5. Ideally, you develop your plays based on planned sequences based on your results (and stop playing when your balance is positive).