Reproduction is the result of sex but besides this, there are many health benefits of having sex. Sexual expressions, intimacy and the pleasure it’s all that is sex. For the long-term relationships sex plays a very important role. It is seen many times that person who doesn’t have regular sex lives a very disturbed life with mental problems like depressions.

Do you know sex helps in stress relieving and dealing with many of the mental issues? Marriage is the relation between two persons who trust and love each other. For the overall health, sex is very important. From the immunity to dealing with many of the health issues, sex becomes the way out for the happy life.

Sometimes it is seen that because of some reasons people don’t have the sex properly and the one cause is erectile dysfunction in men. But one can have Viagra online stores that are available for having at your doorsteps which helps in treating ED. This is the drug that increases your erection and by this one can last long on the bed.

Here we are talking about that how sex can be the reason for the healthy relationships or how it supports the marriage. People who are having regular sex are found to have the higher level of antibodies called immunoglobins that is very helpful in preventing the body from cold and flu.

Every one of us have once in a lifetime experience that mentally disturbed time spoils the relation and when we are in good mood and healthy then the whole concentration is up to maintain the relationship only. Sleep the basic factor when disturbed the whole day and the body gets disturbed and oxytocin released during the orgasm is responsible for the restful sleep that ultimately relaxes your mind.

Having regular sex is also very beneficial for the women’s as it helps in decreasing the cramps and bleeding during the menstrual cycle. It also helps in end up your periods faster as the uterus get contracted and rids the cramps and rush the blood quickly.

After giving birth women’s body needs something to lower down the blood pressure and increase bladder control and all these are done perfectly by the sex. Sex also reduces the chances of prostate cancer and endometriosis in women. Sex is also important for the emotional life and it also maintains the quality of life.

In committing the relationship longer sex is a very important factor. After marriage when two partners come closer physically then it becomes very easy to have good mental bonding. To create the sense of happiness sex helps both the partners to have the tight bonding. When you are lacking sex in a relationship then it is just like having the roommate with whom you are just sharing your room. If you want to have a healthy life and want to support your marriage then add sex in your daily routine. Having a single partner for sex is good for society, family, and community.