There are many devices used in the house for performing daily activities.  In the winter, people prefer the hot water for working comfortably. They install solar geysers in their house for getting sufficient hot water.  It is works on the natural energy source so you can easily reduce the electricity bills. You can install different types of solar geyser in your house, which vary in their working.  These work on the basic principle of the thermostatic in which hot water is regulated on the top of the tank due to lower density.

What are the components of solar water heater?

Solar collector– sun is the main source of the energy. In the solar water heater, the working depends on the solar energy. There is some solar energy collectors used to collect the solar energy. These collectors convert the solar energy for heating the large amount of the water. Basically, this component is placed on the top of the house because here you can get direct sunlight.

Heat exchanger – this component is directly connected in the solar collector by the pipe loop. Basically it is used for turning the collected sunlight into the energy. It is spotted in the hot water tank. It is having the anti freeze intend so it avoids the water from freezing in the winters.

Hot water storage tank – A tank is used for storing the hot water. It stores the hot water for using it in different work such as cooking, and many house hold performances. This tank varies on the basis of the size. You can buy your desirable sized tank for storing the hot water.

Temperatures sensor – there are temperature sensors used for monitoring the temperature of the collector and tank. It is basically used for knowing the recurrent temperature of the water.