Many people are aspiring to become successful personal trainers in the UK and for good reason. Being a personal trainer can be a very rewarding career as you get to see your clients achieve their fitness goals and become healthier as a result. A good trainer knows how to motivate their clients and keep them focused on their goals. Some personal trainers have achieved near celebrity status andit can be a good idea to be inspired by and learn from them and their success.

Here are some of the more famous personal trainers that have become successful in their careers:

Kayla Itsines: Kayla Itsines is known as a social media sensation and a fitness star. She instructs women on how to achieve happy and healthy lifestyles in the most effective ways possible. Her clients start to see results in 12 weeks or less. Her career really took off through referrals and word of mouth. She has a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Tracy Anderson: She is known for the Tracy Anderson Method. It is about establishing a connection between the mind and the body. She pushes boundaries and finds new ways to help people to tap into their hidden fitness potential. Tracy is considered as an A-list trainer and she is also a professional dancer with studios in London, Los Angeles and New York.

Justin Gelband: Justin Gelband is known for an impressive list of clients, including Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton and Candice Swanepoel. He didn’t achieve success overnight. He studied sports management and exercise science and started training women who want to become more confident and lose weight. As a personal trainer, Justin is known for his dedication and hard work.

Joe Dowdell: Dowdell is a famous strength trainer and coach. He is known for his expertise and unique teaching methods. His clients include famous musicians, professional athletes, film stars and fashion models. He has earned multiple certifications and made appearances on various national TV shows.

Billy Blanks: Billy Blanks is known as an acclaimed personal trainer and professional fitness expert. He helps many people to get in shape and feel great about themselves. He has travelled around the world to show people how to exercise properly and get in shape. Billy provides training sessions for many celebrities, including Neve Campbell, Catherine Bell, Pamela Anderson, Queen Latifah and others.

Johnny Roxx: Roxx is a Toronto-based personal trainer, known for his focus on lifting, endurance, cardio, body bulking and nutrition. He is a proponent of Nutrabolics, which is a weight gaining supplement to increase mass muscles.

Erin Oprea: Erin Oprea is a former marine who operates Oprea Personal Fitness. She is known for her flexibility in turning any environment into an ideal space for training sessions. Her focus is on a practical diet, resistance training, core cardio and balance.

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