If a patient with osteoarthritis is overweight, osteoarthritis harms them more; they will be in more pain. Whereas, if a patient with osteoarthritis could reduce some weight, might be even a little, a lot improvement is seen in that patient in regards to the functioning and pain problems.

A Worrying Situation: Excessive Body Weight and Obesity

Excessive weight and obesity in the medical world are not two similar words. Excessive weight and obesity are two categories of weight classified by BMI or body index mass.

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BMI = weight in kilogram divided by height in centimeter

Let’s take an example:

The weight of a person is 85 kg and height is 1.76 meters. So, the BMI is 85 ÷ 176 = 27.4

BMI in between 25 to 29.9 is overweight, and BMI equal to 30 or over is called obesity.

Why is obesity like an epidemic these days?

Obesity is a huge problem happening in the last decade or so. There is an increase of overweight and obesity in people. This problem is not specific to a place or region; this is happening all around the world.

The increase in the number of overweight or obese people is mainly due to the current lifestyle. The diets most people have are of high calories, containing added sugar and animal fat. This results in storage of excess fat or energy in the form of adipose tissue. The other reason is the physical inactivity.

The kids love more to play on their console but not playing outside. Adults like more to spend on computers and TVs. Cars are everywhere as well escalators and lifts, so there’s no question of walking. Therefore, the energy intake and the energy spent have a significant gap in between them.

If you are Overweight, it Increases your Osteoarthritis

In a study of osteoarthritis on knees in the same age group of men and women that men who are overweight have five times more osteoarthritis and women have four times more osteoarthritis compared to healthy weight. Around two-thirds of overweight men with osteoarthritis go for knee replacement surgery.

Therefore, it is indispensable to be of a healthy weight. If you are overweight or obese you should try to reduce your weight, a slight reduction of weight will also give you significant relief from many diseases.