Prom night is one of the most exciting events of a high schooler. Choosing a lovely outfit for this occasion is a huge deal as, the dress you wear establishes your style statement. Apart from the colours and style, opting for the right fabric is very important. Narrowing down on the colours and designs isn’t a tricky task.  However, matching the apt fabric type for the design and cut is a tougher job.

Fabrics ensure the level of comfort and fit. No matter how fashionable your prom dress is, the fabric chosen could enhance or ruin the entire outcome. Having knowledge about the fabric types would help you choose one that suits you the best and you are also comfortable in it.

Different fabrics available are as follows –

  • Velvet
  • Chiffon
  • Georgette
  • Crepe
  • Satin
  • Organza


For ages, velvet has been used to create splendid eveningwear. It indeed symbolizes luxury. It also gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. It is usually body-hugging and hence makes sure that it fits you in the right places. Its qualities are:

  • Distinct sheen
  • Elegant drape
  • Soft yet durable
  • Heavy


  • This flowy fabric adds a hint of class to your evening gown. Its semi-mesh weave and lightweight texture, gives the fabric a transparent appearance and make it seem a bit rough. Outfits made from Chiffon look utterly feminine. Its qualities are:
  • Lightweight
  • Sheer and transparent
  • Flatters most body types


Known as crepe Georgette, it is lightweight, semi-sheer and has a dull finish. It lacks the luster of chiffon. It feels rough to touch due to its highly twisted yarns. Its springy nature makes it a natural choice for many. Its qualities are:

  • Outstanding bouncy drape
  • Tear-resistant
  • Free from creases


It has a wrinkled appearance and distinct crinkled texture. The twisting of threads and tight weaving done prior weaving, gives it a puckered texture. Sometimes its crinkled texture is more pronounced and is easy to spot from a distance. It has a huge demand due to its lightweight feel and elegant appearance. Its qualities are:

  • Flowy
  • Flexible
  • Highly comfortable to wear


This ultra smooth fabric gives a rich and glamorous look to an outfit. It is flowy and has a luxurious sheen thus making it suitable for most body types. Its shiny appearance adds a tint of depth and drama to it. Its qualities are:


  • Lustrous surface
  • Luxurious feel
  • Highly durable


This lightweight and plain weave material adds an ethereal and dreamy quality to your attire. Since it is made from highly twisted threads, it has a wiry and stiff finish. It can also be made into a cascading organza by adding up layers. Its qualities are:

  • Outstanding drape
  • Slight sheen
  • Smooth

Prom night is the time to celebrate your last big event at high school. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the choice of fabrics, the classy ones have been shortlisted for you.  Dress up your best and have a blast.