Many seasoned online casino players have an idea about bonus codes a player is given including the no deposit bonus code. These codes are used as incentives to retain players. However, most players have no clue about promo codes that awards great discounts, bonuses, and free chips. They are used by online casino services to reward players, build strong player bases, and attract new online casino players. This post has been prepared to help you better understand promotional codes, available types, and how to use them.

Defining a Promo Code

Promo codes are more like coupons or vouchers used when buying something only that they come in a digital form. Players can use promo codes in exchange for bonuses or free chips. Players receive promo codes as rewards for participating in a tournament, time-limited social media promotions, or sent via email from their respective casino account.

How are Promo Codes Used?

Promo codes can be utilized players deposits funds anytime in an online casino account where they are rewarded with bonuses in the form of cash, discounts, etc. Most online casinos, like the trusted 918kiss, have fields that customers fill the promo code while making deposits. Once all requirements are met, customers receive extras and other goodies associated with the promotional codes. Just like the physical vouchers, promo codes expire after a certain period. 

Significance of Promo Codes in Online Casinos

Promo codes allow players to earn bonuses on top of the money deposited hence having a reason to stay and deposit more funds in the future. Furthermore, promo codes can be utilized by the casino to research player demographics such as player’s gender, age, and location. Such information is vital in creating marketing strategies.

Types of Promo Codes Available

Online casino sites like 918kiss have three significant types of promo codes, including private, public, and restricted. Let’s analyze each of these codes below. 

  1. Private Promo Codes – these are promo codes reserved for certain individuals. Mostly, they are based on specific player demographics like the location. For instance, a private promo code can be ones reserved for US players. 
  2. Public Promo Codes – these are mostly found in casino affiliate and review sites, and are open to any player. Any player who meets the set requirements for public promo codes can use them as they wish. 
  3. Restricted Promo Codes – these promo codes are customarily limited to a single player. It can be a loyal player that should be rewarded by an online casino or a winner in a particular tournament. It can also be an online casino’s way of apologizing for making a mistake that affected a player. 

The Promo Code’s Terms and Conditions

Similar to any other bonuses offered in online casinos, there are specific terms and conditions set for promo codes. T&Cs define the eligibility of a player to use promo codes. It is crucial to read through the terms and conditions as this helps better understand how they work.